6 Fort Myers Beach Yoga Tips

Soft sand beneath you, picturesque views before you, and the sound of gentle waves in your ears–there is no better way to find ultimate Zen than by performing your yoga sessions on fort myers beach. Even though beach yoga sounds amazing in theory, you may find the experience to be not as rewarding if you are not fully prepared. There are five easy ways you can make sure that your beach yoga sessions are not only as rewarding as possible, but get better with every session.

1. Scope out the area beaches to find the best.

If there is one thing that can help you get the most out of your yoga sessions, it is the location. Not all beaches are created equal, that’s for certain. You want a beach that is not so overly crowded that you cannot find your own space to workout. Likewise, if the beach is too crowded and noisy, it can definitely get in the way of having a peaceful session where you can focus. Look for beaches in your area that are less traveled, even if it means you may have to drive or walk a little further to get there. If you are staying at Wyndham Garden Fort Myers, Fort Myers beach is a perfect setting.

2. Choose a logical beach yoga session time.

Some beaches stay pretty quiet in the mornings, while others will be more serene in the evenings. If you have to adjust the time at which you do your yoga sessions, do it. In the end, you will be much more satisfied with a fulfilling session even if it means you have to slightly rearrange your schedule. Not only is the time important because of the amount of people on the beach, you need to also find a time of day when you feel most connected and at ease. For example, if you are a morning person, doing your yoga sessions on fort myers beach as the sun rises will always be a rewarding experience.

3.  Learn how to dress appropriately for beach yoga.

While at home doing yoga, it probably does not matter to you whether you are wearing just your underwear, but in a public setting, you will want yoga attire that is not too revealing and still keeps you comfortable. Look for lightweight clothing that does not restrict your movement and keeps you cool, but also does not leave you concerned about revealing your body while you workout.

4. Leave the yoga mat at home and take in the sounds of nature.

While you may assume that a yoga mat is necessary no matter where you perform your sessions, a yoga mat does not stay situated on sand like you will need. Instead, just grab an oversized beach towel to take with you. A beach towel has no problem staying stable in soft sand and will offer just enough padding between you and the ground. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about bringing along your iPod or music player for beach yoga. Taking advantage of the sounds of nature on the beach, such as the lapping waves or rustling wind, can help you be more in tune with nature and focus on your breathing.

5. Be mindful of your planned yoga poses.

On a stable surface at home or at the gym, most yoga postures and poses are possible. However, sand is shifty, uneven, and will not provide the same level of support. Therefore, some standing poses just will not work out well if you attempt them at fort myers beach. Therefore, it is a good idea to stick with yoga poses and stretches you know you can do on a softer platform. Because doing yoga on fort myers beach is totally different than at home or at the gym, it is a good idea to attend some yoga classes for a while with a beach yoga instructor to get an idea of the best routines and poses to use.