Flying to Fort Myers?
Remember These 7 Travel Hacks to Make Your Flight More Comfortable

Rubbing elbows with complete strangers, little relief from cranky kids, and food that is well, iffy–commercial flights can be far from fun. While you may be anxious to get to Fort Myers Beach and flying is definitely the fastest route, being a passenger on a commercial plane can sometimes be a pain. Before you grab your boarding passes and head to the airport, here are a few travel hacks to make your flight more comfortable that you should jot down before your scheduled flight.

1. Look for the best seats on the plane diagram before booking.

Whether you plan to make reservations online or phone them in, make sure you take a few minutes to check out the seating diagram for the plane on which you will be flying. Never just leave it to the travel agent to book the seats on your behalf. There are always seats on the plane that are a little more desirable. For example, the first row in economy often provides more legroom and seats along the aisle can feel a little less claustrophobic.

2. Pack a power pack to quickly charge your battery.

You may have to switch to airplane mode when you board the plane, but that does not mean you can’t use your phone for entertainment while on the flight. However, watching videos and playing games on your phone can drain the battery fast, so bring along a power bank so you can plug in and refuel the battery.

3. Exercise and get your blood moving before you get on board.

If at all possible, arrange for a quick visit to the gym just before your flight or take it upon yourself to do some brisk cardio while you wait for your call for boarding. Studies show that getting your blood pumping with exercise helps to relieve stress and help you stay calm in what can be crazy situations, such as during a tense and stress-filled flight.

4. If turbulence freaks you out, pick a seat in the center of the plane.

For some frequent flyers, turbulence is no problem. However, if your primary reason for stress on your flight to Fort Myers Beach is turbulence, your should know that sitting in the center of the plane can help. The nose and tail end of the plane experiences more turbulent activity. So try to grab a seat somewhere more toward the center of the plane.

5. Don’t forget to bring along a carry-on and a purse or laptop bag.

Most airlines allow you to have a carry-on bag, which is typically stowed in a luggage compartment overhead, and one small personal bag, like a purse or laptop bag, as long as it will fit under the seat that is situated right in front of you. Use the space inside this personal bag to bring along those little extras that will make your life easier on the plane, like headphones, earplugs, or an eye mask.

6. Pick an early morning flight.

Many travelers prefer to fly out either in the evening or sometime after noon. So by picking an earlier flight, you will be less likely to see a crowded plane full of passengers. Plus, you may be able to score your airline tickets for a little less than usual because airlines will be trying to fill these non-preferred seats.

7. If motion sickness is a problem, pick a seat near the wing.

If you struggle with motion sickness on a plane, your flight to Fort Myers can seem like a long one even if it is relatively short. To curb the problems with nausea, try to get a window seat near the wing of the plane. Having the ability to focus your line of sight on the wing can help you feel a little less like you are being hurled through space.