How to Protect Your Home While You’re Away on Vacation

Do you have an exciting vacation coming up? If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve probably made plans for every contingency, from travel insurance to booking the perfect resort getaway. But have you thought about how to keep your home secure while you’re away?

Have a home security system installed

Look for a modern setup that covers every entry to the house and features remote viewing, so you can check up on the family home from your tablet or phone. A motion-sensitive floodlight at each outside door can scare off potential intruders. You should also use a company that provides 24-hour assistance and has an excellent record of monitoring and customer service.

Keep your regular home maintenance schedule

You might think that you can save on landscaping, lawn mowing, and pool maintenance services when you’re not at home. However, thieves know to look for these signs that hint a property is unoccupied. Also, have your mail and paper held or ask a neighbor to pick them up so they don’t accumulate.

Leave your key somewhere secure

Everyone knows about the old trick of hiding a key to the front door under the doormat, a flower pot, or in a fake rock nearby. Come up with a very well-hidden, difficult to reach place for the key. Otherwise, leave it with a trusted neighbor or friend.

Be careful with social media

One of the most fun parts of vacation is sharing your photos. However, thieves know to follow social media to see when people are away from their home. Don’t advertise beforehand that you’re going away and don’t reset your location to somewhere else. Also, be sure to only post photos of your trip after you return.

Keep your valuables under lock and key

A safe is a great investment, and in some cases insurance may require it. This is the ideal place to store jewelry, weapons, vital paperwork, and cash. Look for a strong-box that is also fire resistant. For larger or very valuable items, consider storing them elsewhere. Banks offer safety deposit boxes for a reasonable fee. You can also find secured storage companies.

Secure your garage

Many people will remember to lock up their front door, but forget to lock up the garage. This is unfortunate, because the garage door tends to have little security and can be an easy point of entry into your house. Did you know that many garage doors can be opened by a universal remote? Avoid this by disconnecting the automatic door opener and choose a manual locking method instead.

Warn thieves ahead of time

One of the best ways to prevent a burglary is by letting thieves know that your house is secure. Post stickers warning of your security measures and video surveillance. Your alarm company will also offer signs you can place around your property. If you belong to a neighborhood watch program, include notifications for that, too. Finally, it can’t hurt to have a ‘beware of dog’ notice, whether you own a pooch or not.

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