Heading to a Beach Hotel for Vacation? Here’s What You Need to Bring Along

Heading off to a seaside vacation is no doubt exciting. Just the idea of ample sunshine, soft sandy beaches, and a laid-back atmosphere is enough to beckon you to a beach hotel, and you may be tempted to just grab your swimsuit and run. However, to ensure your planned vacation to a Fort Myers Beach white sands hotel goes off without a hitch, you should make sure you take some time to consider the things you should pack which you will be thankful to have when you arrive.

beach bag

1. Beach Bag

This little item is easy to forget, but is definitely something you will need on a beach hotel vacation. Trips to and from the beach may not be long, but you will need something to contain your seaside necessities. A simple canvas tote bag folds away to not take up a lot of space in your luggage.

swimsuit2. Two Swimsuits

You will no doubt bring a swimsuit with you on a beach vacation, but it is actually a good idea to bring along two. If you spend all day in one swimsuit, you will always have a second one waiting to wear the next morning when you head back to the beach.

travel mug3. Insulated Cup or Travel Mug

Keep your hot coffee warm on sleepy mornings and make sure your drinks stay ice cold while you are by the shore with an insulated cup or travel mug. If you grab a drink at a beach-side bar, the bartender will be happy to just put it in your own cup to take on the go.

cardigan4. Lightweight Sweater

Most people are a little surprised how chilly it can be late in the evening by the beach if there is a gentle breeze. So make sure you pack a lightweight sweater, cardigan, or jacket to have on hand if you head out to the beach after dark.

flip-flops5. Flip-Flops or Beach Shoes

Some type of footwear to wear at the beach will be super important, but is all too easy to forget when you pack. Pick up a few pairs of cheap flip-flops or other sandals and tuck them into your luggage.

beach cover up6. Beach Cover Up

When you are staying at a beachfront hotel, you can almost guarantee there will be a lot to do and see right along the shoreline. So having a cover up to slip into right out of the beach will be convenient. Whether you want to go grab a drink or a bite to eat, you will have something to put on without having to track back to your room.

sunscreen7. Sunscreen

This one is a given, but easy to forget. Make sure you take along with you ample amounts of sunscreen to your beach vacation. Most of your time may not be spent on the beach, but you will likely be outdoors enjoying local attractions just the same, so you will still need sunscreen.

hand sanitizer8. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a good thing to take with you to the beach, especially if you have youngsters who will be playing in the sand. This way you will not have to worry about dirty hands reaching in for snacks. Tuck away a few small bottles in your luggage.

workout clothes9. Exercise Apparel and Gear

There is nothing quite like exercising on the beach, so make sure you bring along things like running gear, yoga mats, and fitness apparel. You may even want to take advantage of some of the locally offered fitness classes or beach yoga sessions.

luggage10. Extra Luggage Space for Souvenirs

Don’t forget to leave extra space in your luggage for the seaside souvenirs you will most definitely be bringing back home. With so many places to shop and visit, you are bound to want to bring a few things home with you to remember your trip.