Your Guide To The New ‘Basic Economy’ Airfares

Have you ever heard of the British term ‘bucket shop’? This refers to travel agencies who sell low-cost, no-frills tickets on domestic airlines. Recently, several American airlines have been exploring this business model, creating a new class of inexpensive airfares.

Many airlines, from greats like Delta to newcomers like Allegiant, are starting to feel pressure in our competitive marketplace. That’s why a half-dozen companies have released a new Basic Economy level of seating. Details vary by airline, but they all offer reduced fare tickets that lack some of the standard amenities traditionally offered by the Economy Class. This may include the use of overhead storage and flexible seating assignments.

How will this affect your upcoming trip? Read this short guide to find out if the new Basic Economy class is the right choice for your next vacation.

Who offers Basic Economy tickets?

Three of the big, legacy airlines: American, Delta, and United, as well as lesser known companies like Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit. However, many smaller companies do not offer this travel option. Please note that Basic Economy is only available on certain routes.

What makes Basic Economy Different?

Basic Economy is designed for budget-conscious travelers who are willing to sacrifice some of the comforts and conveniences of a standard Economy ticket. What are the differences?

  • For most of the airlines, you are not allowed an item in the overhead bins unless you pay an additional fee. This is typically around $25, but rises to around $50 at check-in time.
  • There are also strict limits to carry-on bag size. Your one allowed item must fit underneath the seat. These limits are typically around the size of a laptop case.
  • If you wish to select your seat, for example to sit by the window or next to family, in most cases you will need to pay extra. However, for Delta flights, you have the option of selecting your seat at check-in time as long as there is space available.
  • Basic Economy has different rules for reward miles, which vary by the airline. For example, Allegiant Airlines does not offer reward miles or allow their use for this class. Meanwhile, American Airlines lets you earn points at a reduced rate. In every case, you should read the fine print before booking.

In all cases, you may be able to purchase some of these additional perks. The fee will be the lowest if paid when you book the ticket. It is worthwhile balancing out the additional features you may want versus the cost of a Standard Economy ticket. In some cases, the Standard fare may be a better deal.

Alternatives to Basic Economy Flights

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