Why We Love Fort Myers Beach Vacations And You Should Too

Florida is filled with some pretty spectacular vacation spots, but Fort Myers Beach and Lee County easily come in as one of the top, and this is for good reason. From newspapers to magazine columns, it is not at all hard to find previous visitors singing praises about their beach-side vacation in the Fort Myers area. From sprawling tropical-paradise-like beaches and sandy shores to historical downtown areas and a welcoming atmosphere, what’s not to love about this prized getaway destination? Here is a look at a handful of reasons why we love Fort Myers Beach vacations, and we are certain you will too.

fort myers beach

Fort Myers is in a convenient location.

Part of the reason Fort Myers is such a popular destination for vacations, even for locals already in Florida, is the fact that it is situated in such a convenient location. A 20-minute drive from Southwest Florida International Airport is all it takes to get here if you are flying in from out of state. Tampa is just three hours away, Miami is about two and a half, and even Orlando is just a four-hour trip. This means that Fort Myers is perfectly accessible if you are traveling from one of Florida’s bigger cities, but it also means other attractions are within reach if you will be staying in Fort Myers and want to check out some of the city sights.

Fort Myers offers the ideal beach vacation getaway.

There’s one big reason why most people who come to Fort Myers usually return several times, often bringing along new friends of family members to share the experience. Fort Myers is home to some of Florida’s most highly regarded beaches. Wyndham Garden itself is placed right on the coast, offering an incredibly pleasing view of the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico. Lined with pristine white sand, dotted with majestic palms, and offering a breathtaking view of the ocean, the beaches here are accessible and not so overrun with visitors that you feel overcrowded. You can take a drive along Estero Boulevard and find numerous access points where the soft sand beckons your footsteps. Plus, Sanibel Island is just a short car or boat ride away. Each new area beachcombers discover has something new to offer, so many travelers set aside several days of their vacation just to check out the local beaches.

Fort Myers Beach offers year-round festivities and attractions.

The semi-tropical climate in this southern area of Florida means great weather pretty much the entire year. This means the local festivities rarely cease, and there is always something to do because the weather almost always permits visitors to enjoy things like:

  • natural sea creatures and habitats at Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve
  • fishing at the Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier
  • outdoor playgrounds and picnic areas at Lynn Hall Memorial Park
  • baseball games at the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox Spring Training Centers
  • estate tours at Edison & Ford Winter Estates
  • boating and family Fun at Fish Tale Marina
  • quick trips to Key West on the Key West Express

In addition to local attractions. there are a handful of festivities that take place annually, like the Festival of Light, which is an event honoring the creation of the light bulb by Thomas Edison, who was actually a resident in the area starting in 1885.

Fort Myers Beach serves up an inviting array of dining options.

Wake up to delightful breakfast choices at Heavenly Biscuit, like a Sinful Cinnamon Roll or a platter of heavenly biscuits topped with gravy. Head over to Pincher’s Tiki Bar and Grill for fresh seafood and local seaside food favorites and all day Happy Hour at the bar as well as live evening entertainment. Later in the evening, try out Shannon’s for conch sushi appetizers or a chocolate martini. Ellington’s Jazz Bar and Restaurant on Sanibel offers live jazz music every night of the week and while there, feast on chef-prepared foods like roasted duck or glazed turnips. You could even grab some international favorites at El Gaucho Inca in Fort Myers like Choros a la Chalaca. No matter where you traverse through the day on your exploration of the area, good food is always just around the corner.