Entertainment for Traveling With Kids

Are you ready to travel to the Gulf of Mexico? More importantly, are your kids ready? The Gulf offers serene beaches, amazing water activities, and adventures exploring the tropical landscape. However, you have to get there first. For parents, especially parents of toddlers and young children, the thought of traveling with the little ones can be a worry. How do you keep them entertained and well-behaved? Here are some tips.

Find Travel-Friendly Games

Many board games like Sorry and Chinese Checkers come in miniature versions with a magnetized board and playing pieces. Make sure you check the recommended ages carefully; very small children might try to eat the pieces.

Some card decks such as UNO are available in travel sizes. You can set up games on small spaces like airplane tray tables.

There are free games you can print and carry with you, like Zombie in My Pocket and its spinoffs. This print-and-play game is travel-friendly, with the full set of cards fitting in an Altoids tin.

Don’t forget about car games, which can be adapted to airplane travel. One fun version is the Alphabet game, where people compete to see who can spot something that starts with ‘A,’ such as a sign for ‘Alabama,’ and then B, etc.

Stock up on Electronics

You can get inexpensive portable DVD players with built-in screens or pads that let kids play games to their hearts’ content. Look for electronics with a crack-resistant screen protector if your children are quite young.

Pack Toys and Activities

Travel can be strange and scary, especially for very young kids. Their favorite stuffed animal or action figure can offer a lot of comfort without creating too much clutter.

Coloring books have always been a favorite for young children, and in recent years have been picked up by older kids, too. Hand out crayons or wash-out markers to keep stains to a minimum.

Print books are a great option for children of all ages. You can ask your older kids to pick out the latest in their favorite series, to be read on travel day. For small children, look for books that engage the senses in many ways. However, if you’re traveling by plane, spare the other passengers and skip the books that play music.

Make a ‘Surprise Box.’ Stock it with small toys from the dollar store, snacks, fancy glitter pens, hair accessories, a DVD, etc. You can pull out a shiny new distraction when your kids get too restless or use items from it as rewards for each hour of good behavior.

Work in Physical Activities

At the airport, walk around with your kids looking at shops, people-watching, and seeing planes take off and land. On road trips, build in time for kids to burn off energy with a frisbee game in the rest areas. With any luck, they’ll get tired out and take a nap.

Family Fun Under the Sun

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