Travel cameras have come a long way from the brightly colored hunks of disposable plastic that let your parents wind through a roll of 20 shots. Nowadays, digital cameras come in a variety of sizes and prices. Some are incredibly easy to use, while others allow people with more extensive photographic training create the perfect shot under any conditions. Here's a look at the four main categories: Compact Digital 'Point and Shoot' Cameras These cameras are inexpensive, lightweight, and straightforward to use. They easily tuck away into a purse or small backpack. Many of these cameras' functions are automated so you just aim and push a button. However, quality varies, especially at the low end of the price scale. Since you're not able to control many of the finer settings on automatic mode, you need to look for a camera that has an advanced built-in automation system. Also, look at the durability. You want a unit that is well-made and looks like it can handle a few drops. If you want special features like water proofing to record your underwater adventures, most likely you'll need to pay a little more. Advanced Compact Cameras These higher-end compact cameras come with built-in lenses, just like point and shoot style cameras. However, they offer some additional features packed into a similarly compact, portable package. For instance, you can switch to a full manual mode instead of relying on an automatic setting. Manual mode makes the camera's operation a little more complex, but you have more control and can create spectacular photos under challenging conditions. It can create photos in RAW format. These images are fully primed to be edited on the computer. Because of these features, advanced compact cameras tend to be slightly more expensive than point and shoot cameras. Mirrorless Cameras If image size, quality, and weight are vital to you, a mirrorless camera is the solution. These cameras don't have a mirror reflex optical viewfinder. They also allow users to change the lenses, similar to DSLR cameras, but without the weight. These electronic viewfinders give you fine-tuned control and feedback for manual adjustments you make to settings. Mirrorless cameras have a similar range of price points to Digital DSLR cameras, but you may be able to find a more affordable unit on sale. Digital DSLR Cameras Digital DSLR cameras are good for beginner to intermediate photographers who are comfortable fiddling with multiple settings on the device. They offer incredible user customization and control. Multiple lenses are also available to enhance the picture quality. People who enjoy action photography such as wildlife in motion and sports may find these cameras a great fit for their needs. When compared to mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras have a lightning-fast focus and a better battery life. However, they are also pricier, heavier, and bulkier. With their multiple specialized parts, they can be tricky to transport. Put Your Travel Camera to the Test Now that you have picked out the perfect travel camera, it's time to plan the next trip. Come visit the gorgeous oceanfront Wyndham Garden Fort Myers Beach hotel Estero Island, Florida. This picturesque travel destination offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach and soak up the sun or enjoy the heated outdoor pool, you'll have the vacation of a lifetime here and the photos to prove it. Contact us to see what rooms are available and make your reservation today!